I’m in South Korea taking care of my new grandbaby along with my son, Daniel, and his wife Serah. Jian or John (American version) is their firstborn. He was two weeks early but he is healthy and just about over colic. Neither of mine two had colic. Broke my heart to see him cry so hard, especially when he looked at me with tears running down his cheek.

It is very early, and my turn to be up with the little one. He is sleeping and I’m awake so I am taking some time to read a few of your uplifting posts.

memories lay curled 
tumbled, dark rumble 
inner balance skewed
truth is a plumbline 
that does not vary 
or does it compromise.

God's Word does not compromise Truth. It is our plumbline, our standard, our foundation to live by. God cannot lie. Therefore, our foundation is solid as a rock. (Amos and Hebrews)

2 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. aschmeisser

    Truth admits not compromise,
    and, my friend, I don’t mean maybe.
    You can see it in wide eyes
    of most any newborn baby.
    Hold that life within you arms,
    turn tear-stained face up to the sky,
    as you know to keep him safe from harms
    you would fight and gladly die,
    for there is no worth beyond
    this precious gift from God above;
    it’s not just feeling quite fond,
    but rather a savage love
    which tears the heart and then rebuilds
    that with His grace it quickly fills.

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