A Gentle Spirit Within by RL Brown

Will, I created you with a free will to know Me or not,” say God.

“It is my choice,” says Will.


 I can choose.

Truth weathers time with no variation. You can trust it.

How can I be sure?

I created time for you to know Me.

Why free will?

During your time here, you have with-in you the capacity to love or hate; to experience joy and peace, not to stir discord; to develop patience and grit as you overcome anger and idleness; to show kindness, not intolerance or selfishness; to have a heart filled with goodness, not meanness; to have a gentleness of speech with others; and to grow in discipline and self-control as you hone your mind. 

I created all that’s within you.

I have all that inside me, cool.


Hello, God, I’m Will. 

1 thought on “A Gentle Spirit Within by RL Brown

  1. Letitia Mason

    Wow! I am your neighbour on Five Minute Friday and I really like your post. Exercising Will in making wise and truthful choices is definitely something I am still working on. Sometimes I seem to get stuck in a very different conversation!



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