April Poems and More

Moments in nature
filled with wonderment and awe
touching the soul.

In a world of words
seeking perspicacious


Reach into the world of words,
to find clear insight.
Haiku word source:
NaHaiWriMo/ Haiku challenge by Steven Ralph
Blue_Owl: daily word post
Haiku Dialog: 
And my own word challenges

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out on a limb
hanging by the stem
whirlybirds in flight
April 2 limb

bifurcating branches
twist and wind outward

howling winds
winged seed helicopters
Maple whirlybirds
a gentle zephyr
cool bluegrass under feet
Spring's felicity
April 1st/ Bottle

Life’s Vintage
Emotions in a bottle
hot roller dogs
bases loaded, crack to left field,
crowd goes wild
April 3 hot dog

hot diggity dog
bases loaded, crack to left field,
crowd goes wild

hot diggity dog
hanging out
with my best friend

complementary combination of inner beauty
complementary muliebrity of inner beauty

a gentle zephyr 
cool bluegrass under feet 
goose pimples' felicity
Complementary muliebrity of inner beauty
(When a woman's inner and outer beauty shines as one, and the kindness of her soul sparkles, meld into the essence of feminity—this is something only women do.)
RL Brown
4/28- Oasis
4/29- Obcordate is the reverse of cordate leaf, Obcordate the point is at the stem. 
4/30- Omniscient
Dickey Stephens Park
Arkansas Traveler's Fan
The season begins. 
April 4 fan

honey-like fragrance
inviting the butterfly
wafts of perfume

4/5- Guerdon- reward recompense
4/6- Genteel refine, stylish elegant
4/7- Glacé 
empty and stark
waiting for the words to flow
writer's block
Page April 4
Grandbabies create
rites of passage to become

little dividends
Guerdon/April 5
Photo by Lina Kivaka on Pexels.com
genteelly lace to
red hats with a purple bows,
the southern women 
@Bleu_Owl #HaikuSaturday #haikuchallenge #haiku
Kid giggles on the inside.
'Go Fish!'
sweet benison of
sunlit air and golden rain,
a prismatic wash 
 #HaikuSaturday #haikuchallenge #haiku  Hello, spring, and Happy Easter
slide into
seamless syllables 
of streaming 

a raging river of words
skip, trip and jump 
over the tongue

Water April 5 @NaHaiWriMo
excerpt from Eyes of a Dyslexia by RL Brown
Silky smooth
Shimmering ice
April 7, 2023
Science of the mind 
Genetic Haecceity  
Internal coding
 #haiku #senryu #poem #poets #poetrycommunity #poetry #haikuchallenge #HaikuSaturday 
rule of thumb
cup in hand
heuristic application

rule of thumb, 
a heaping handful, a cup-
heuristic application
hegemony song 
by parroting birds
the news media
 #haikuchallenge #haiku
hot diggity dog
hanging out
with my best friend

Bull and Matilda
brain sparks
roots of ideation
flows from within

creativity flows when
one ideated thought 
rises above the rest

spring sparkles
imbued with life
incipient vivacity

youth imbued with life
sparkles with incipient vivacity
Ideate esse'
Imbued vivacity
Incipient sparkles
stinging tickle
choking cough
post nasal drip,

Wind, blow the seeds.
Loam, provide their needs.
Cloud, let loose April's showers. 
May, bring forth bouquets of flowers!" #whistpr
bubbling jessant hatches
sportive jocose merriment
climatic jouissance 
Ideas Jessant 
Cold milk, chocolate chips
hot out of the oven
Cookies, Yum!
He may be nimble, 
he may be quick, but 
where's the candlestick?
Ask the Colonel. 
Winter’s dignity
Lifeless trees' quiet strength
Autumn seeds nestled deep.

Seeds shed winter's shield
roots stretch in fertile dirt- yields 
March howls for spring's warmth. 
Jocose giggles on the inside.
'Go Fish!' 
Toad Suck Daze 
toad races, carnival rides
low country kermis
the race is on
the end is near
schools out then summer's here

If autumn falls silent under the evening snow 
If sheltered seeds don winter's coat 
If March winds howl for spring's warmth
If budding flowers emit the earth's scent
If spring pollinators awaken and take flight
If golden rays titillate terra's loam
If nature bears burgeoning yields 
If the impetus for life circles again
If thankfulness flows from within
If we understand the Creator above
then what do we know of love?

Love is to have, to hold, to enjoy, and to freely let go.
Happy Earth Day

FMF: Have and Earth Day
Autumn falls silent under the evening snow 
Sheltered seeds don winter's coat 
March winds howl for spring's warmth
Pollinizers emit an earthy scent
Spring pollinators take flight
Sunrays titillate terra's loam
The impetus for life circles
#HaikuSaturday #haikuchallenge #poetry Earth Day
4/25- Namaskar/Namaste 🙏
4/26- Neoteric
4/27- Nature
Haiku Dialog

frozen heart
a kind touch
melting point
balancing act
muliebrity -femininity, kind soft.. 
Magniloquent-boastful pompous

lithe graceful, flexible
lissome agile thin
complementary muliebrity of inner beauty
Neoteric sunrise, 
Namaste nod
Scenes in nature

Neoteric sunrise,
The sun eight-minute ago
Namaste nod
the soft adagio 
call of a mourning dove 
coo-ah coo-AH, coo-OO-oo 
#HaikuSaturday It's a sweet morning, even if it is rainy and cold. 
Picture: Birds&Bloom
#HaikuMusic #haiku #nature #poem #poetrycommunity #poetry #Poet #haikuchallenge

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